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Airvent Airconditioning and Ventilation’s Services encompass both residential and commercial/industrial HVAC

Airvent Airconditioning & Ventilation: Home Installation


Air conditioning is what we love and do best! We have strong relationships with all our suppliers and have aligned ourselves with reputable air conditioning brands. This enables us to tailor each installation to the exact needs of our clients. Our competitive pricing is based on volume discounts we receive from our suppliers, and we love the fact that we can pass this discount onto our clients.

Airvent Airconditioning & Ventilation: Home Repairs


Our team consists of well trained and experienced professionals who are more than capable of fixing your air conditioning unit, of any brand. The majority of air conditioning repairs are able to be fixed within an hour. If we conclude that your unit requires replacement parts, we will give you an upfront quote before any further work. We are here to help!

Airvent Airconditioning & Ventilation: Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance 

A well maintained air conditioning system can contribute to a healthier environment. It is essential to have routine maintenance of your home comfort or office system by a qualified technician. If not maintained properly and routinely, even the best heating and cooling air conditioning equipment could experience complications and become less ‘fuel’ efficient over time.

Airvent cares about our clients’ home and office environments, that we even offer a 24-hour emergency service.
Please call +27 82 619 9184 for all your after hour emergencies – we are there to help!


Please note that your air conditioning warranties are only valid if your units are serviced by Airvent on an annual basis.
For your convenience we offer volume discounts on servicing.

Please enquire about our extended warranties and service agreements that we offer our clients. This benefit will guarantee ultimate comfort in your home or office.

We guarantee all our repair work, and should you have any questions regarding a specific repair or service, please contact us via the phone number on our website contact us page.

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