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What are the benefits of air conditioning?

The major benefit is to create a comfortable environment at home or the office throughout the year. An air conditioning unit has a number of functions including heating, cooling, dehumidifying and fan only.

This will enable you to set the temperature and the unit will cool or heat as required or in the case of dehumidify. The unit will get rid of the moisture in the air without dropping the room temperature which is beneficial for those with Asthma.

Air conditioners have become part of our daily lives, providing comfort in our homes, in shops, restaurants, offices and hotels. Air conditioning generates that pleasant feeling associated with an atmosphere that is close to the ideal.

What size air conditioner do I need?

In order to understand the BTU size of your required air conditioner, take the square meters of your room and times by 550 BTU’s. For example, 5m x 4m = 20m2. 20m2 x 550 BTU’s = 11000 BTU’s. This formula is a guideline only. For a precise assessment, please speak to one of our qualified Airvent Sales Engineers. Our team are on stand by to assist you with your requirements.

What is an inverter? 

A non-inverter is a basic model which allows its compressor to operate at a fixed speed, simply controlling temperature by switching on/off alternately.

So, these units are significantly cheaper to buy but consume up to 40% more electricity. Alternatively, a more sophisticated ‘inverter’ has a variable-speed compressor and this constantly regulates to the desired temperature.

An inverter is a more economic method of operation and highly energy-efficiency. Although costing more to buy, inverters offer a wise long-term investment. So, to decide which is best for you, consider how frequently (and at what level) the system will be used.

What are the different refrigerant types?

In this paragraph we will discusss R22. It has been the refrigerant of choice for residential heat pump and air-conditioning systems for more than four decades. Unfortunately for the environment, releases of R22, such as those from leaks, contribute to ozone depletion.

In addition, R22 is a greenhouse gas and the manufacture of R22 results in a by-product (HFC-23) that contributes significantly to global warming.

The good news is that R22 has been discontinued. Manufacturers of residential air conditioning systems are offering equipment that uses ozone-friendly refrigerants, one of these substitutes is R410A. As a result, if your system ever leaks, the escaping refrigerant won’t contribute to ozone depletion.

Can air conditioners make you ill?

Only a poorly maintained air conditioning system can make you ill. A well maintained air conditioning system can only contribute to a healthier environment.

Because it controls humidity levels the growth of dust mites and molds is reduced. Air conditioning maintains humidity levels of 40 – 60% which is positive for persons with allergies.

Air conditioning may have integrated ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is getting more and more important because of the way houses are built these days. The supply of fresh air will prevent the sick building syndrome.

All units are equipped with a filter. Depending on the type of system and the needs of the customer, the type of filter will vary.

The effectiveness of a filter varies from catching dust and particles, pollen, bacteria, viruses and odours and even microbes and smoke.

So with this in mind, it is essential to keep your filters cleaned regulary. We recommend this to be done on a monthly basis. If you don’t maintain your filters, you risk that the oversaturated filters start distributing bacteria instead of catching them.

What is HVAC?

HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC is most often used to depict the complete system. And this includes air conditioning, extraction and fresh air supply.

Why is it important to have regular maintenance on my air conditioning system?

You probably wouldn’t get a brand-new car and assume to never have to inflate the tires, change the oil and examine any atypical noises. Your home comfort system is similar to your car’s engine. It is a mechanical device with a motor, electrical components… and even fuel. So, with that in mind, it is essential to have routine maintenance of your home comfort system by a qualified technician.

If not maintained properly and routinely, even the best heating and cooling air conditioning equipment could experience complications.  This then make it become less ‘fuel’ efficient over time.

Please note that your air conditioning warranties are only valid if your units are serviced by Airvent on an annual basis.

 Changing from heating to cooling

Please note that when changing your air conditioner’s mode from heating to cooling there will be a time lapse of up to 5 minutes. This is the time required for the system to reverse its operation and is often misinterpreted as a fault as the machine does not actually do anything visibly during this period

Basic Hand Held Controller functions

Your controller will have a mode button. This button can be pushed over and over
and it scrolls through your various modes of operation. The operation mode is
displayed in a symbol.

Snow Flake Symbol
This is the symbol for cooling. When this symbol is displayed the air-conditioner will begin operating in the cooling mode.

Sun Symbol
This is the symbol for heating. When this symbol is displayed the air-conditioner with begin operating in the heating mode.

Water Drop Symbol
This is the symbol for dehumidification. When this symbol is displayed the air-conditioner will run in a mode that removes humidity from the room to make the environment less uncomfortable.

Auto Symbol A
This is the symbol for Auto mode. When this symbol is displayed the air-conditioner with alternate between heating and cooling to achieve a set temperature.

Fan Only
This is the symbol for fan only operation. When this symbol is displayed the air-conditioner will not cool or heat but simply run the fan and circulate air around the room.

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