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Air Conditioning for the Home

Features & Benefits of Self Contained Air Conditioners

  • Cheap and reasonably powerful air conditioners
  • Capacity range of between 9000-24000 Btu’s
  • Heating and/or Cooling ability
  • Easy installation through a window or wall area
  • Direct fresh air intake for excellent air quality
  • Remote control operation on some models


Self Contained Air Conditioners

Self Contained Air Conditioners are single packaged units. They are ideal for tight budgets and small spaces.

There are three types of Self Contained Air Conditioners on offer from Airvent:

  • Portable Units
  • Window Wall Units
  • Console Units

You will need a Self Contained Air Conditioner if you have:

  • A very small or medium sized room or work space
  • No wall space available to install the outside condenser
  • Special projects that use rental cabins or containers and require air conditioning

Our Brands Self Contained Air Conditioners

We install self contained air conditioners from the following brands:.

Sumsung LG

Warranty and Servicing

At Airvent we offer the latest heating and cooling products, but also Warranty and Service back-up for your peace of mind.

  • Manufacturer warranty with every new unit
  • Routine services for warranty purposes
  • Major and minor services
  • VIP Servicing Agreements available
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