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Self-Contained Air Conditioners

Features & Benefits of Self Contained Air Conditioners

  • Cheap and reasonably powerful air conditioners
  • Capacity range of between 9000-24000 Btu’s
  • Heating and/or Cooling ability
  • Easy installation through a window or wall area
  • Direct fresh air intake for excellent air quality
  • Remote control operation on some models


Self-Contained Air Conditioners

Self-Contained Air Conditioners are single packaged units. They are ideal for tight budgets and small spaces.

There are three types of Self Contained Air Conditioners on offer from Airvent:

  • Portable Units
  • Window Wall Units
  • Console Units

You will need a Self-Contained Air Conditioner if you have:

  • A very small or medium sized room or work space
  • No wall space available to install the outside condenser
  • Special projects that use rental cabins or containers and require air conditioning

Our Brands Self Contained Air Conditioners

We install self contained air conditioners from the following brands:.

Sumsung LG

Warranty and Servicing

At Airvent we offer the latest heating and cooling products, but also Warranty and Service back-up for your peace of mind.

  • Manufacturer warranty with every new unit
  • Routine services for warranty purposes
  • Major and minor services
  • VIP Servicing Agreements available
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